Our core program consists of 9 hours spread over 3 days. This time can be consolidated into 2 days should it be decided to complete the instructional section and rocket build on the same day.  This program spans an age group from 5 to 13 years old, however can be customized to a narrower group at either end of the age range.  Pricing is based on a minimum number of participants and includes a rocket for each registrant.    

Day 1 – Day one is utilized to provide historical background of rocketry and milestones that were reached in both unmanned and manned space flight.  Details are provided on the accomplishments of the Mercury, Gemini, Apollo and Space Shuttle programs as well as the accomplishments of other private organizations.

Fast forward to present day we then bring to light key players driving space technologies such as NASA, SpaceX, United Launch Alliance, Blue Origins and others who are moving us forward in space technologies.  We also spend time illustrating the important spin-off technologies that benefit our everyday lives.  Short videos are woven into the day’s activities to keep the participants engaged and excited.

The remainder of the day is spent incorporating fun experiments demonstrating thrust, gravity and other interactive opportunities for participants.

Day 2 – Kids get to build and paint their own rockets.

Day 3 – Launch day! Kids really do get to “push the button”.