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July 25, 2017

Space Week Coordinators
Cape Colorado
PO Box 2044
Ridgway, CO 81432

Dear Jeff and Dylan,
Thank you for another amazing week of studying the space program and building rockets.  While our youth vary in age by seven years, the range in development is even larger.  I know that the diverse group of learners who attend our program can pose a challenge to keep engaged.  But every year, you manage to hold their attention, get them excited about the sciences, and keep them focused on honing their coordination skills through rocket assembly.  Space Week is a favorite among the Voyager kids both local and here on vacation.  Indeed, it is one of the best attended weeks of the summer.

The rocket launch is remembered and anticipated all year long.  As the kids have experimented with the physics of flight and become inspired by space travel, the reward of a successful launch stays with them.  To instill in youth that the return for focusing and following directions can be out of this world is a goal worth setting every year.

Thanks, again, Jeff and Dylan, for sharing your passion for the space program with us.  We look forward to continuing the tradition of Space Week with you for years to come.


Danelle Hughes Norman
Program Manager
Voyager Youth Program

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